ta3lmm3ana - Tips: Social networks Social networking sites are a prominent media phenomenon today, attracting a large number of community groups, especially young people, as the most influential group in societies with the energy and change they have. What impact? What is its importance in our reality? The concept of social networks Social networks are websites that are based on specific foundations and that bring people together and enable them to express themselves, share their interests and ideas, and make new friends with people who share their interests. [1] [2].

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are among the most popular social networking sites of the day. The goals of these and other social networking sites are varied. Some of these networks aim to connect people Some of which are aimed at creating social networks within a specific domain and limited to a specific category and area, such as specialized networks for design and photography. [3] There are many forms of social networks, including: blogs, forums, etc., and these networks first appeared in 1971; the first e-mail messages were sent between two computers and placed beside each other. The first social networking site was established in 1994 Geocities, enabling users to create their own sites and design them to suit them. The first AOL Instant Messaging (IM) was created in 1997, T Continued], enabling users to share their personal information. [4]
The importance of social networks Social networks play an important role in many things, including: It gives man the opportunity to express himself and his interests, and to share his thoughts and feelings with those who share the same interest and ideas. Man is social by nature and can not live in isolation from humanity. It allows for quick communication with people who do not allow the opportunity to communicate with them on the ground, whether for reasons of habitual preoccupation, time constraints or emergency reasons such as crises and wars, these networks helped to connect the families who were displaced was Balmsma and medicine for many hearts and loved ones, It was an easy solution for expatriates to stay home with their families and loved ones. [5] Allowing people to share their special occasions, joys, and joys anywhere in the world, which in the past has been very difficult to distance. [5]

Develops many good morals and good qualities in the same individual. By opening to others, they will benefit from their experiences, learn from their mistakes, develop individual respect for others, accept their opinions and criticize them by engaging in discussions involving people of different cultures. Encourages individuals, especially young people, to participate in charity and voluntary campaigns. [5].References ↑ "Social network", ComputerHope, Retrieved 31-5-2017. Edited. ↑ Daniel Nations (22-3-2017), "What Is Social Networking?", LifeWire, Retrieved 31-5-2017. Edited. ^ AB Hamza Ismail Abu Shanab (31-8-2013), "Techniques of Social Communication .. Uses and Advantages", Alouka, see it on 31-5-2017. ↑ "The History of Social Networking: How It All Began!", 1stWebDesigner, 13-2-2016, Retrieved 31-5-2017. Edited. ^ A B C D E F G H I J, Gdaa Al-Khatib (17-5-2014), "Benefits of social networking sites", Susannah, see it on 31-5-2017. ^ AB Nadia Ben Wargla, "The role of social networks in the development of political and social awareness among Arab youth", University of negligence, see it on 31-5-2017. ↑ Dr. Mohamed Salah Aborjeb (21-4-2012), "The impact of the media on public opinion and its reflection on security policy", delegation, see it on 31-5-2017. ^ ABT "Here are the top 10 social networking sites", Nahar, 4-10-2016, accessed on 31/5-2017. ↑ Esraa Hosni (7-2-2017), "Report: Facebook users will reach 2 billion people by the end of 2017," the seventh day, seen on 31-5-2017.

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Social networks play an important role in shaping political awareness among young people by providing them with political information, leading to the consolidation, change or formation of their political culture. [6] The movement of events and news, whether political, economic, social, sports or artistic, as they occur; information, pictures and video can be changed quickly, as modern media has not been able to keep pace with them. [6] Is a place to market products, and different goods for many companies in electronic form, and this is one form of advertising. [6] Has been able to influence public opinion clearly and in various aspects. [7] Despite the importance of social networks and their effective role in our lives, there are many individuals who misuse these networks to achieve corruption interests, leading to wasting time uselessly. The most popular social networks Some social networks have become popular because of the high demand for their use, making it one of the most popular social networking sites. The most famous of these sites, according to abcnewsport: [8] Facebook site Facebook is the most popular site, with 1.86 billion users before the beginning of 2017. Gadgetsnow expects the number of users to reach 2 billion by the end of 2017, according to the new growth rates of the company in new countries such as India [9] Facebook allows its users to post photos, ideas, and contacts with friends, and it was available to Harvard University students. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was a student, but the site quickly spread throughout the world. [8]